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Production Process

Quality Analysis

Feed analysis testing is conducted on every field. The results provide crude protein, Relative Feed Value (RFV), moisture percentage, Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF %), and Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF %) essential to accurately grading the commodity and evaluating quality.

Moisture Testing

Hay is tested for moisture multiple times during the production process. Testing is done prior to baling; probed in the bale and at the storage location. Additional tests are conducted before the product enters the press barn to ensure quality before pressing and containerization.

Hay Pressing

Export hay is normally further processed to improve suitability for containerization. Containerization is the process in which 40’ intermodal containers are loaded and sealed for transportation via ocean vessels, rail, or semi-trailer trucks.
Processing or compressing of hay refers to various forage products being pressed into tightly bound, high density, low moisture units. Additional packaging options are available and include strapping or stretch wrap. Additionally, exports destined for Japan must go through a process called fumigation. The process takes 7 days with the application of hydrogen phosphide after unit loading and prior to port transportation.


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Rich in minerals and nutrients

Original dust free forage

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Fresh Water Irrigation

Use of Healthy Nutrients/Fertilizer

Production Process