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Fine Cut Rhodes Grass

fine cut rhodes grass

The Rhodes grass, mostly called Chloris Gayana across the world is one of the multiple species of grass, similar to other hay producing perennial grasses is found to be originated from Africa. The Rhodes grass (the term commonly used) is said to have been largely cultivated in West Africa but now it is being grown in tropical and other similar regions in the world with surviving temperature. The Fine Cut Rhodes grass has been selected from Katambora type of Rhodes grass and it is a tufted, spreading, extremely palatable, and perennial grass ideally suited for cultivation in tropical and sub tropical areas. It has a high protein value of 9-13% and can be utilized as green chop or hay. The crop is extremely useful to supplement the saline, salty and eroded soils and control the erosion in lands with high ph values.

The fine cut Rhodes grass is a short term crop and is prepared with in 30 to 35 days. Due to its quick harvesting and high leafiness density makes it the most reliable grazing resource for farmers to feed their farm and other cattle and livestock. Secondly the Rhodes grass is cultivated to cover bare lands in abundance, with its roots deep up to 4-5 meters it makes it a good tolerant to droughts, apocalypses and makes it self sufficient to suck the required ground water for survival. The Rhodes grass can be grown in any area around the globe with the condition that temperature will be compatible, like it will be around 30 - 34°C. It is an ideal crop to grow under modern irrigation systems. It is usually sown in surface 0.5 – 1 cm depth and that should be sown very shallow covered by rolling or light metal harrow.

There are many exceptional advantages and plus points of fine cut Rhodes Grass compared to the other types of grasses that makes it the most preferred choice among cultivators worldwide such as: - Fine cut Rhodes Grass produces a greater body of fine leaf. - Produces more dry matter and forage than its other commercial counterparts and these high yields do not compromise quality. - High salt and alkaline tolerance. - It grows with even maturity and is thus an optimal choice for hay production. - Fine cut Rhodes grass seeds are coated for easier and swift handling, planting, germination and growth. - The optimum cultivation yield approx. 20 kg per hectare hay crop.

As the fine cut Rhodes grass can be cultivated at any time with the required temperature rates, so there are no many issues of concern on its production and timely availability. But the preparation for cultivation bed is most important for good germination and optimum yields. Because the Rhodes grass are of rigid and tough nature, they spread and stretch over land quickly and thus need rapid watering except when germination is started after sowing phase. When harvesting for first season of cycle, cut the ready crop after 50 days and thereafter 30-35 days. For suitable handling and best practices, the crop must be cut 10 -12 cm above ground level to enable the crop to regrow quickly. An expected annual harvest of 35 – 45 tones per hectare as hay crop can be obtained with proper irrigation and by administering suitable manure or fertilizer with structured regulated plan.


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