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Welcome to Durrani Farms

Durrani Farms is an international exporter of agricultural commodity products. We strive for excellence in every business transaction which has afforded us the opportunity to become one of the famous exporters of hay from the Sindh province to many countries of the world.

Since 2006, when we started as an owner-operated company, our customers and suppliers have come to expect a mutually beneficial business relationship founded on uncompromising integrity and reliability. We believe the quality of our products and services are unrivaled within the export commerce.

Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in the agricultural, logistics, and export industry. We pride ourselves in having long-term employees who understand the export business and bring a diverse background to our organization.

Grass Varieties


The cost of shipping
varies by quantity.

Why Choose Us?

Rich in minerals and nutrients

Original dust free forage

Free of Hazardous Chemicals

Fresh Water Irrigation

Use of Healthy Nutrients/Fertilizer

Production Process

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