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The Aromatic Prince of Mangoes, Chaunsa!

Chaunsa Mangoes

All world favorite juicy and pulpy mangoes are the covetous dream of every mango lover, it is impossible that mango season starts and people around the world don’t get notice for it. As mid May approaches, the people are driven crazy by this delicious and magnificent yellow jewel. There are almost 150 varieties produced in Pakistan. According to Business Recorder, the choicest varieties (pronounced with the local language terminologies) are: Samar Bahisht (Paradise's fruit), Fajree, Chaunsa, Super Langra, Shan-e-Khuda (God's magnificence), Anwar Ratol, Lahoti, Ratool, Sindhri, Alfanso, Dusehri, Ruosi Dulhan (Russian bride), Lab-e-Mashooq (darling's lips), Lab-e-Habshi (Negroe's lips), Shaheed-e-Zam Zam and Tota Pari. Some other varieties include: Kala Pahar (Black Mountain), Gulab-e-Khas (special rose), Saleh Bhai, Al-Khausa, Neelum, Baingan Phelli, Seroli and Batasha. Amongst these, Chaunsa and Sindhri variety of mangoes are very popular and have a repute of international stature.

Here we intend to discuss and elaborate all about Chaunsa mango’s exquisite juicy and pulpy structure with ultimate sweetness which you cannot experience with any other mango variety available. This particular variety and the name after it carries an interesting legacy and history connected to southeast region. Chaunsa is mainly produced in Multan and Sahiwal in Pakistan. This variety of mango was made popular by Sher Shah Suri throughout the subcontinent. While commemorating his victory over Humayun at Chaunsa, he gave his favorite mango the name Chaunsa.

Chaunsa is widely regarded as the best mango in terms of its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp and high nutritious contents. Due to its similar characteristics, people consume it by sucking its all heavenly juice and enjoy the perks of divine flavor as this type of consumption refers to its name “Chaunsa” literally. Chaunsa is regarded as the popular mango variety envisaged with most juicy pulp and strong aroma that make its industrial use higher than its counterparts. For large scale industrial purposes, many foreign food technology groups and agencies import Chaunsa mango pulp for their different requirements. Recently a Saudi based group signed a deal to acquire Chaunsa pulp at bulk quantity which brightens the chances of potential scopes of fruit export to world and earn the foreign reserves for Pakistan whose foreign exchange reserves often bleed thin and face financial crisis in most of the fiscal years.

The growing attention towards coveted Pakistani mangoes by foreign investors and traders is due to the mangoes’ processing at international standards here including Hot-Water processing technology and strict quality check and control to ensure customer satisfaction all around world. The passionate food trading associations and government-led bodies are also taking initiatives to encourage and support local growers to cultivate best quality Chaunsa mangoes alongside other various varieties, conducting training and development sessions of potential and serious mango growers in Punjab and Sindh and channelizing their demand for easy access of Pakistani mangoes to much lucrative European and American market to further explore the fruit export business in limitless dimensions, improving the cultivation and business standards followed with progressed avenues for local growers to market their fruits especially mango independently.

The Chaunsa mango’s season usually starts from the mid June and prevail till the third week of august of each calendar year.

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